Admin Plus

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Current and previous companies have used Admin Plus in the following ways:

Company A are a small manufacturing company based across a factory and separate office site.  Admin Plus visits the office site once a week for half a day to enter invoices and payments into the accounts database and deal with all filing.  Every quarter this is extended to one full day when the database is used to produce VAT reports for submission and accompanying paperwork is organised.  Admin Plus also liaises with the company's accountant and directors as required.  Half day charge £90.

Company B buys and sells used cars.  Admin Plus collects the purchase and sales invoices once a month for reconcilation and produces a profit report.  Approximately 4 hours per month, £95 fixed fee

Client C is a self-employed quantity surveyor.  Admin Plus visits the client's home office one day per quarter to organise paperwork and receipts for VAT submission which is then sent to the client's accountant.  Quarterly charge £170

Company D is a transport company with four employees.  Admin Plus visits the base warehouse for one day per week.  Duties include: entering invoices and payments into the accounts database, liaising with customers by phone and email to arrange deliveries, tracking drivers, answering phone enquiries freeing the manager to leave the site for one day a week, implementing a filing system and keeping it up to date, implementing a customer database and keeping it up to date, internet advertising, other ad-hoc requirements as they arise.  Daily charge £180

Client E is a self-employed consultant.   Admin Plus is sent basic documents and notes by email or post these are then formatted and edited according to requirements.  These are usually Word and Powerpoint documents.   Jobs are priced according to their complexity.  

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